ROD is versatile

ROD is a flexible building kit for individual solutions with style.

ROD creates spaces

Functional principle

ROD  is formed of elements that can be flexibly combined and scaled according to requirements.

Individual solutions

ROD satisfies diverse needs. It is individually designed and realised. Materials, colours and sizes can be freely selected.

Simple handling

ROD is easy to assemble and dismantle.

Who is behind ROD?

ROD est. 2019

Originally planned as ROD fair for a 5500 m2 trade fair, now expanded to ROD office – store – home due to demand. 

The borders are fluid. ROD fair – office – store – home

ROD is the result of expertise built up through waldner partner’s 20 years of experience in temporary architecture.

This is a version of ROD. It is installed in waldner partner’s office in Zürich.

Intended as a showcase for visitors and clients, it also serves as an entrance, lounge and communication element for the whole office.

The goal of a versatile furniture system on an area of 6 m2 was successfully realised. Interested parties are welcome to come and see ROD at waldner partner.

ROD is looking forward to new spaces, tasks and fields of work.

We are happy to advise interested parties personally. Together we find unique and custom solutions to suit individual requirements.